Saturday, 12 March 2016

#Errandonnee 2016 Challenge: Rides 7-11 (The Herald of Spring)

Date: Saturday, 12 March 2016
Steed: Petra the Puch Princess
Total Distance: 19.4km

Overall Lesson for the Day: I love doing business with local people, whose names I know. 

Errandonnee #7
Errand: Haircut
Category:  Personal Care (2)
Destination:  Charisma Hair & Beauty Salon, Caddington, Bedfordshire
What I learned/observations:

Not a lesson or observation as such but I realised this morning that Kay, the owner of Charisma, has been cutting my hair for over 3 years. At intervals of 3-4 weeks, I probably see her more frequently than anyone else I know who does not actually live with me! (Which is fine, because she is lovely.)

Errandonnee #8
Errand: Get Damaged Camera Looked At
Category:   Non-Store (2)
Destination:  Luton Camera Repair, Guildford Street, Luton
What I learned/observations:

I have left my Panasonic Lumix TZ31 to see if the fuzzy black edges that appear (and grow) when using the zoom can be diagnosed and fixed.  

Bike parking in the newly pedestrianised part of Guildford Street

1. This little gem of a shop has been in this location several decades but I only noticed it a few months ago!  It is a proper old-fashioned full-service camera shop:  sales, advice, education, repairs, accessories, plus a digital printing service where staff can also help you edit and repair damaged old film and prints. This sort of shop is refreshing and rare in this age of high street shops that only look to sell you the very latest, with no idea how to help you make the most of your equipment and keep using it for a good long time.

2. The long "poster" erected on Guildford Street to hide an unsightly empty/derelict lot looks more life-like in photos than it does 'in real life'.

Errandonnee #9
Errand: Coffee
Category:   Entertainment/Indulgence
Destination:  Blueberry Cafe, Harpenden
What I learned/observations on the way: 

1. Finally! Tender green plants are shooting up on the floor of what is otherwise a wintry 'dead' forest. 

2. Why go to all the trouble of bagging it if you're not going to carry it away with you??

Is that a pheasant by the side of the path?

Afraid not.

Once in Harpenden, I couldn't resist a coffee!

Can you see Elvis?

Errandonnee #10
Date: Saturday, 12 March 2016
Errand: Studying/Revision
Category:   Education (2) (or what I vote we change to "Career/Vocation")
Destination:  Adam's Office, Harpenden
What I learned/observations:

The office heating is still on, on Saturdays. (If I go in on Sunday, I have to hit the 'override' on the boiler, as the timer is set not to turn the heating on, on Sundays.)

Errandonnee #11
Date: Saturday, 12 March 2016
Errand: Collecting My Raw Milk
Category:   Personal Business
Destination:  Meadow Hay Farms, Crabtree Lane, Harpenden
What I learned/observations:

Buying fresh is a bit less convenient than the grocery store, but it is absolutely worth it. (Those doctors who told my mother when I was a baby that I was "allergic to milk" -- nope!)

Not Only But Also: 

While in Harpenden, I went to the cash machine and had lunch at the Blueberry Cafe (several hours after my morning coffee) but as Petra stayed locked up outside the Cafe and did not accompany me specifically on these errands, I have not included them. 

Today was Petra's first outing, a shake down ride to check all the mechanicals. It's all a Thumbs Up. Tonight, we'll finish the cosmetics aspects and tomorrow I hope to have her out for her first public outing, on the Sunday London Ride


  1. Odd question about the saddlebag. Have you had much success with it being durable? Reason I ask is my house mate has had his rip at the top threading numerous times. The company has replaced it I'd say 5 times in a year. The company lastly asked him what he keeps in it. He explained a cable lock. Their response was silly to the point of stating to "not" put cable lock inside it. We've since created silly things using the old lighting strips.

    1. This is the pannier in these photos:

      It's hugely popular and I've not heard of anyone having a problem with it. Is it the same one your friend has?


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