I love trying out new products, mostly because I like to solve problems.

I do not however have any interest in reviewing 'every latest little thing' if it doesn't actually address a real, live problem (I'm looking at you, Kickstarter.) I believe in products being fit for purpose, and that form should follow function. I am not interested in gimmicky attempts to re-create the wheel or cynical attempts to "cash in" on the growing cycling economy.

I've learned the hard way that it just doesn't work to "promise" to review every new item that comes my way. So I now subscribe to the Fat Cyclist Philosophy (which you can read in context here):

"Unless I’m absolutely positively sure that
I really, really, really want something, 
I let companies 

know that they can send me stuff, 
but I won’t write about it unless I actually love it.
Not just like.

Whenever I review a product, I make it clear how I came to obtain it: either I purchased it myself or I have been offered a sample by the manufacturer (often a preview on the next season's range).

I do not accept payment in return for reviews. If the manufacturer has provided the item at no cost or at a discount, I will say so in the review. 

I give as full an opinion on each product as I possibly can, warts and all. Remember, I only publish a review if I love it. But sometimes it's clear that a product will only appeal to, or be practical for, some people and/or some situations -- not all. I try to 'tease out' these distinctions so that my review can assist people who are really interested in the product but may have very specific needs or expectations that won't be fulfilled if they do obtain it. This is a tough call and sometimes I may get it wrong. But I don't believe "press release" type reviews (you know the ones, 100% gushing) help anyone -- not the manufacturer and certainly not potential customers.

I do have favourite products and favourite brands. Please bear with me if I "name drop" them in places other than designated product reviews. The reason is simple: If I love a product, I will use it. And keep using it. It'll be part of my life. And if a new company comes along with a fantastic product and spot-on customer service, I am always happy to give them a boost through word-of-mouth recommendations. (And yes, I do seem to have appointed myself Brand Ambassador for Enigma, Michaux and Vulpine!)

Some older reviews may lack a disclaimer set out as clearly as current/future ones. If an explanation of how I acquired the product is lacking, it is safe to assume that I purchased it through normal retail channels, but if you're in doubt, please feel free to e-mail me and ask.

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