Friday, 11 March 2016

#Errandonnee 2016 Challenge: Ride 6 (Life Behind Bars)

Errandonnee #6
Date: Thursday, 10 March 2016
Errand:  London Commuting
Category:   Work (2)
Destination:  Fitzrovia, London, W1
Distance: 2.3km
What I learned/observations:

Had a guy in a sharp suit and trenchcoat in the Tavistock cycle path this morning -- on his scooter. I can't see I'm too pleased about mixing dissimilar vehicles in the same space but I suppose it's better than having motorised scooters in the cycle lane as is allowed in the Netherlands. And given the choice of footway, cycleway and roadway and considering his overall speed, the cycleway no doubt made the most sense to him. (No photos of him, unfortunately.)

Malet Street between RADA and Birkbeck College.

Bedford Square, where the cycle countraflow is officially on the footpath.

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