The Long Distance Comfort Bike

Riley - 2013 custom Enigma Etape

France, September 2015

The Daily Workhorse

Bridget - 2010 Surly Cross Check

March 2017

November 2015

The 'I Can Go Anywhere' Bike

Lucy - 2012 Brompton bespoke, further customised

The Modernised Vintage Road Bike

Petra - 1978 Puch Princess mixte

The Cargo and People Carrier

Baby - Circe Helios Duo 
Adam's bike more than mine, as his weekly grocery-getter, cargo van and mobile bicycle mechanic's vehicle!

Loaded up for a trip to the Recycling/Reuse Centre - April 2015

Dr Bike - March 2015

Occasionally, she's in tandem mode, at which point I get to be stoker.


Astrid - 2014 Viking Bromley mixte singlespeed
Read her story here.

Swoopy - 1970s(?) Puch Emerald mixte
More info here and here. Sadly now "demised" due to frame damage. 

Liesl - 1950s Puch Rugby Sport
August 2011 as purchased on Ebay -- a true barn find. Sold August 2014 as she did not have a clear role in my cycling life and I wasn't riding her anymore.

March 2012 as purchased. The build was carefully 'curated' - no changes have been made other than brief flirtation with a different handlebar. Sold August 2014 with great reluctance but with the addition of Riley to the family, Robin's role had been supplanted. She now lives in Hackney and will hopefully share many happy miles with her new owner, Camilla.

Woodstock - 2009 Brompton M3L


  1. Ok, I lost track: how many bikes do you have now? They are lovely...bromptons are nice but I can't afford one. I have a Dahon folding bike and I love it. It's "Baby Day".

  2. Having found your blog today via Cycle Chat Forum, I now have SERIOUS bike envy! Great blog, added you to my blog list.

    1. Hi Fiona - likewise! Enjoying your blog very much.


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