Sunday, 28 February 2016

Madison's iceBike* Event: Practical Discoveries

Sorry for the radio silence. I am now back on the bike and "back in the game" after a bad bout of dermatitis. I hate when these things strike: it takes all my mental energy and focus to keep on top of treatment and in control of my feelings (frustration + sleep deprivation = despair). 

Never mind, my life is no longer a prison of itching and pain. Yesterday was one of the first 'nearly normal' days since 2nd February -- so Adam and I went to the iceBike* Show in Milton Keynes. 

iceBike* is an industry show held by Madison, one of the largest distributors of cycling brands in the UK and supplier to many bicycle wholesale and retail businesses. The show is open only to trade for three days and is then open to the public over the following weekend. It chiefly functions to inform shop owners and managers about new products and upgrades and launches, so they can plan their purchase and inventory decisions for the coming year. Because Madison handles so many brands, the range of products on show is quite extensive, including brand new products coming out of years of research and development that have not yet been made available to the public. 

For us, attending the show felt much like viewing an exhibition. 

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