Saturday, 23 March 2013

It's Not The Weather, It's Your Gear... Road Cycling Edition

I prepared this post yesterday. Then it snowed again last night. And there has been further fettling and test rides on the mixte - all of which warrant another post which will be up shortly. 


Further to my January post on clothing and kit to keep you warm and dry for winter commuting, here is a photo of a my typical winter road cycling gear.

The key differences in what's important when commuting versus getting out on the road and putting some long miles in are (a) temperature and moisture management and (b) wind chill, as you're expending more effort (= more sweat!) at higher speed (= may feel colder, especially when you stop!)

So I don't usually wear my waterproof overtrousers out on the road. I may get a little damp in the rain, but most winter tights are water resistant enough and I'd rather layer up with breathable fabrics to keep warm, than "boil-in-a-bag" yet shivery inside waterproofs.

Also, on my road bike I wear cycling boots for clipless pedals. 

This photo was taken a few weeks ago. The temperature was around freezing (0-1C) and we had some light snow flurries. I cycled to Harpenden for my Pilates class and the monthly farmers market - a round trip of 13 miles which is mostly downhill outbound, mostly uphill homebound.

From head to foot, skin to outer, I wore: 
  • Trek Windstopper headband  
  • Smartwool merino beanie  
  • Merino Buff  
  • Endura crewneck longsleeve merino baselayer 
  • dhb Ladies Vaeon Zero Padded Bib Tight  
  • Smartwool longsleeve full-zip merino jersey   
  • Gore Bike Wear Windstopper jacket  
  • Gore Bike Wear Power SO Lady Gloves  
  • Stretchy tube skirt (from Primark)    
  • DeFeet Wooleater ankle socks  
  • Shimano MW81 boots

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