Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nothing But Blue Skies

A day of firsts for 2014: First outing for mitts and sunglasses. First ride without a hat or a top baselayer.

I've been off the bike in any kind of meaningful way for two weeks now, waiting for the pain in my left knee to subside. It has felt better though still somewhat unstable, with the kneecap 'catching' when attempting full extension. The big deal for me though was when I realised yesterday that I was subconsciously postponing the next attempt to cycle, for fear of pain and failure.

Enough! So with today's forecast looking the best we've had so far this year, I got on the Enigma and rode up to the top of Dunstable Downs. I chose the Buckwood Road route as this is a steady 5km climb with a consistent gradient.

When I was last up Buckwood Road, the entire surface was covered in gravel and silt deposits from recent floods. The roadside ditches and culverts were completely filled in and non-functioning! Today, most of the road surface is clear again and I could see that some sections of the drainage system have been dredged. But not all.

Up on top of Dunstable Downs, winds were light. A single glider was out. I sighted three paragliders as well in the air currents over the glide club at the base of the Downs.

Of course the best part of riding Buckwood Road is the return -- lovely swoopy downhill. Freewheel, or put a little muscle in? Your choice. Either way, you're flying!

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